Tp-Link Archer c9 ac1900 Review

Tp-Link Archer c9 ac1900 Review
Tp-Link Archer c9 ac1900

If you are shopping for best wireless routers, there are many factors to be considered. One of the major factors is how big or small your apartment is, your budget and what you want to use the router for. If you only want to surf net, you don’t need expensive router.

There are many wireless routers under $50 that can do the job.

Tp-Link Archer c9 ac1900 Router

If you’re a gamer or video streamer, you need more than just a router to get the best result. You need a router that has all the features to complete the task.

One of the best wireless router that ideal for HD video and game is TP-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router. There are many features of this router that make it the best router to suite your purpose.

The router supports 802.11ac, the next generation of Wi-Fi .You can stream 4K Ultra HD video and game online without experience lag over 5GHz band while the 2.4GHz band only for everyday tasks. It has maximum wireless coverage and reliability due to 3 detachable high performance antennas.

One of the benefits of the router is that is can handles simultaneous wired and wireless connections without interruption due to its Powerful 1GHz dual-core processor. The product was built with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports to easily share files, printers and media across your network in matter of seconds.


You don’t need to worry about the set up as they have great support for assistance with setup and configuration.

Why Tp link archer c9 might be the best choice for you?

Because it has outstanding features that give you the rest of mind.

Forget about buffering –The router creates high Wi-Fi speeds up to 1900 Mbps and increases up to 430% faster. You can easily stream in 4K and game online without any interruption on your PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Mac. The router’s keeps your network running at intense speeds even when several devices are online at the same time.

With Tp-link ac1900 archer c9,you can simply assign priority to your favorite online activities through QoS without worry about lag when you’re streaming or gaming.

For people who love game online, download files and share media, stream movies, Tp-link ac1900 archer c9 may be what you are looking for.

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The Wi-Fi connections made by the Archer C9 are stronger and reliable, even as you move mobile devices like smartphones and tablets from room to another room due to Beamforming.

Effortlessly Share Content within Your Network- the USB 3.0 port lets you connect external drives to the router and runs 10 times faster than USB 2.0, quickly share photos, video files, and music wirelessly with devices connected to your network.

In-built Mobile Interface– manage and set up your Wi-Fi through the TP-Link Tether app.It available for Android and iOS. The app simple layout help you easily access Wi-Fi settings like guest privileges, scheduling and device management from your mobile phone.

Don’t forget that Tp-Link Archer c9 ac1900 has a lifetime support with peace of mind plus two-year warranty.

If you are interested in router that strong and reliable with a lot of features, then wireless ac 1900 router is best for your need.The tp link archer c9 ac1900 price is affordable, so you don’t need to spend more on router.

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