Comcast Router Login-How To Log In To A Comcast Router

Comcast Router Login

comcast router login

If you want to know Comcast router login step by step, check out these 5 steps to login into your Comcast router.

It is very important to know how you can log in into the Comcast Xfinity router. For instance, you may want to change your router wireless password or set up port forwarding for any project you are working on. This mean you will need to access your Comcast router.

What You will learn:

  • Comcast Router Login
  • How To Find Comcast Modem IP Address
  • How to Find your Router IP Address
  • What is my IP address for my router?

Below are the step to your Comcast router login

Step 1: Make sure you are connected to your network. This can be a wifi or wired connection.

Step 2: Open a browser and go to is the Comcast router’s gateway and it will bring up a log in screen automatically.

Step 3: Enter username and password

Username: admin

Password: password

Now you’re now logged in.

Step 4: You can now change your password. You only need to click Change password to change your password at the top right of the admin panel.

This is how to log in to your Comcast router and change your password.Not more than that.

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How To Find Comcast Modem IP Address

Comcast modems connect to the central network when they are plugged in other to retrieve an IP address to assign to your PC or router, whichever is plugged in to the modem.

If you are using a modem from Comcast, you can simply find out its IP address through a few methods. It only require a basic understanding of computers to finding out the Comcast modem IP address based on what your current setup.

Here are the steps to find the IP address of your Comcast modem.

Step 1. Open a web browser on a PC connected to the modem or to a router that is connected to the modem and use an online IP checking website. The IP address that displayed on these sites will be the IP address that is presently assigned to your modem.

Step 2.Directly connect your Comcast modem to your computer, then click “Start,” click “Run,”and type “CMD” into the Run window and wait for the command prompt to appear.

Type “IPCONFIG” in the Run window and check the IP address that is returned. It will be the current IP of your Comcast modem.

Step 3: Connect your computer to a wireless or wired router that is connected to the Comcast modem. Open the web interface of the modem and check the settings of the router. The IP address will be displayed which is the currently assigned IP address of the modem.

The IP address of Comcast modem usually sometimes most cases, it should be on label on router.

How to Find your Router IP Address

No matter what type of router you are using, you can easily find the router IP address if need arises. Each router has two types of IP addresses. Internal and external IP address. Each has different function.

The router’s internal IP address is what you use to get access to your router. You use this IP address to login to your router in case you want to perform any configuration such port forwarding.

The external IP address is what people around the world use to find you on the Internet. You can use this IP address to connect people to your router if you are hosting game etc.

         How To Find Your Internal Router IP Address

There are many software tools that can easily find your router’s IP address. Some are paid while some are free to download. You can use the free tools or the windows command prompt to locate your IP address for router.

Below are the steps to find your router IP address.

Step 1: Download the Free Static IP Software, which will show you the routers internal IP address.

NOTE: The IP address will be called “gateway address”.

Alternatively, you can also Download the Free Network Router Detector Software, that can tell you router’s IP address and other IP addresses of any other type routers connected to your network if you have more than one.

Step 2: Use the Windows command to find your router’s IP address manually.

One of the easiest ways to find internal IP address of your router is command line tool called ipconfig. It comes with Windows.

Windows 8 How To: 12. Show and Use “Run” Command

The first thing to do is to click Start and find the Run command. You should see a little run dialog box that looks something like below image.

comcast router login

To locate Run in window 8 and above, you may need to go to app and type Run in search bar at the top. Firstly, click on window start, then go to app. At the top right app, locate search bar and type RUN, then click enter. You should see a tiny dialog under APPS, which is Run. Click on it, then you should see a new box like below.

Type CMD in the RUN dialog box and click the Ok button. A black window with white text, referred to as a command prompt will come out.

comcast router login

At the command prompt. just type in IPCONFIG and press enter.

comcast router login


The results will look like the below image.

comcast router login

The number circled is the routers IP address which is red in the above image. Note that windows lists it under the Default Gateway.

This is the IP address you will use to configure your router for port forwarding.

That is how to fine IP address for router.

Likely question

What is my IP address for my router?

Most routers actually has two different IP addresses, a LAN (Local Area Network) address which is used on internal network, and a WAN (Wide Area Network) address that is used to connect to Online.

By default, most router companies use as the default LAN IP address. This is the address you need to enter into your browser’s address bar to get access into the router configuration page.

You can also find the router IP address by following the instructions for locating your computer or Laptop’s IP address. The IP address for router will be listed as Default Gateway.

If you have any question on how to find IP address of router, Comcast router login, kindly let us know from your comment.

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