6 Smart Ways To Boost Your Wifi Signal Strength

6 Easy Ways To Boost Wifi Signal Strength

6 Smart Ways To Boost Your Wifi Signal Strength

We all have been in a position where our internet speed is too slow to facilitate our needs in time and it’s quite frustrating whether you are on a schedule or not.

High internet speeds are very beneficial for individual and businesses who want to take advantage through use of online services and a weak Wi-Fi signal will hinder you of that since this leads to poor speed and connection.

In this article,I will be sharing simple ways to increase your wifi signal strength and performance of your router.

So how can you boost your Wifi signal strength and extend its network coverage?

6 Easy Ways To Boost WiFi Signal Strength

1. Change Your Router Position

Optimal router placement should be the aim here since distance is always the most common factor that hindering internet signal and thus speed. Most routers beam signal in all directions at once, so you would want your router placed somewhere in the middle of the property.

For users who do not or cannot afford to move their routers, they can buy external antennas that won’t positioned very far the router, and which will enable the user to emit the Wi-Fi signal at a better position.

External antenna’s come in two varieties: Omni-directional, which broadcasts in all directions, and High gain, which broadcasts the signal in a single direction.

A directional antenna is the better option since signal weak spots are not in every direction and so you should point your external antenna in the direction of the weak spot, and the signal will boost accordingly.

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  1. Use The Latest Hardware Technology

Another great way to improve wifi range is to upgrade your router.If you are running old hardware, you can’t expect the best performance. The presence of advanced technology with stronger signal capabilities such as dual radio bands and improved hardware.

Newer routers have better coverage, but it should be noted that the plan you’re buying from your internet provider is the major factor influencing your home internet performance, although many homes unknowingly limit their speeds and signals with an outdated router.

A new router will improve the range of your network signal. Routers with 802.11ac protocols are able to emit wider signals unlike the previous protocols (which are 801.11n and (802.11g) which means you might finally be able to get coverage you need in all rooms of your home.

  1. Buy A Wi-Fi Range Extender To boost Wifi Signal

Also known as a WiFi repeater, this device enlarges the network coverage in order for the signal to cover your whole house. This device takes your existing WiFi network and then rebroadcasts it after amplification and boosting, allowing the user to connect into the repeated signal that is stronger while you are away from the original router signal.

It’s very essential for the Wi-Fi extender to be placed in an area where it receives excellent signal, thus you should not position it where you are getting a poor connection.

Placing the extender much closer to the router will ensure a very strong signal enabling it to broadcast a stronger signal clear of barriers.

  1. Change Your WiFi Channel

Most routers are automatically set to select channels by default; meaning even poor channels could be selected. There are three frequently used channels on routers which are 1, 6 and 11 since they are the only channels that do not overlap, and thus give a better signal.

Before trying to change your WiFi channel try changing between those three channels first to see if your signal strength will improve.

If it doesn’t, you can change to other channels available other than these three but you should first know what channels are in use by your neighbouring connections, and then pick the less congested and manually switch your router to broadcast on that channel.

You can change your routers channel on its wireless network’s administrator interface in the settings page.

5. Update Your Software

WiFi service providers sometimes tweak the software in routers before or after installation in order to manipulate the performance and speed of your device.

You should make it a regular habit to update your firmware at a regular interval enabling you to get performance updates, better or new features, and security updates and creating an enhanced performance for your router.

Updating your software is essential since manufacturers may have found a way to enhance your router’s overall performance overtime as they work to satisfy user’s complaints and requests.

If you don’t update your firmware then you won’t be able to take advantage of any signal boosting upgrades that your router manufacturer might release in an update.

Not only that the weak wifi signal of the router can increase significantly when you are updating the software at specified time.

6.Limit Interfering Wireless Devices

The presence of other wireless devices such as other Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors and the likes, your network signal strength will probably suffer because you’ll be sharing the same signal/frequency with them, leading to weakening of the signal strength.

You could try to move some of these devices to other locations of your property where Wi-Fi is not being used, or you could take further steps by buying a dual band router since it allows for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth to be used.

Users will enjoy the 5 GHz because it has less interference, since other devices such as Bluetooth to cordless phones and microwaves operate on the 2.4 GHz band.

So, here are the ways by which you could boost wifi signal without any stress.If you are facing a lot of challenges and you are not satisfied with your router,I’m sure this article will help you to improve wifi signal strength of your router.

Also,don’t forget to always protect and secure your wireless wifi network to prevent it from hackers been access to your information. Here is how to secure your wireless networks.

If you have any question on how to boost wifi signal strength,don’t hesitate to let me know from your comment.

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